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To buy a Callanetics class or package, follow the instructions in the red box above. Learn how to use the Class Calendar in this short video. You can contact Virginia if you’re not sure how to use the calendar and booking system. I teach during most school holidays.

Class times in Harrison

Click on the class time you prefer in the box above to check availability.

Prices, and what’s included

Private/semi-private classes

$40 for 45 minutes for one person, $60 for two, or $75 for three. Included is a gentle stretch sequence to prepare for your exercises, and a beginner-level Callanetics routine. If you’d like to continue, further classes are the same price and exercises will vary. Advanced level classes are also available. Contact Virginia to arrange.

Trial and Casual Classes

After your trial class, you can pay as you go, if you can’t commit to regular classes or want to book on the spur of the moment. Subject to availability. Click on the class time you prefer in the box above to check availability. You’ll be taken to the calendar.

Six-Class Package

Eight weeks to use, no matter whether you’re doing one, two, or three classes a week. This lower commitment package has been set up so that you can get started straight away, and plan your classes around your other commitments.

Ten-Class Package


  • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ measurements and pictures included (not mandatory).

The Fine Print (applies to all packages)

  • Depending on the length of the package you do, you’ll have an eight, 12, or 24-week booking window. This is no matter whether you’re doing one, two, or three classes a week. This means you can plan your classes around your other commitments and plans, such as any time off, sick, or away.
  • Book into a ‘home’ class. If you need to reschedule, follow the instructions in the box above. If you get stuck, text Virginia on 0411 952 598 or email
  • I’ll book your classes in to the system initially, and then it’s over to you to manage them (you’ll receive instructions when you book). This means that you can reschedule your own classes as many times as you need to within your booking window (eight weeks for six-class packages, 12 weeks for ten-class package) (NOTE: all reschedules are subject to availability)
  • If in an emergency Virginia needs to cancel a class/es, this will be added to your end date. If this impacts on your plans to finish by a certain time, you can roll the classes over to a later date, or I will refund you for those classes.
  • If you aren’t able to complete your classes within your very generous booking window, a $10 fee per class booked outside this period will apply.

*For class planning purposes, and for your results, it’s best that classes are taken consecutively/weekly — eg a Monday evening one week, and a Thursday evening the following week. The 10-class package must be completed within 12 weeks of the first class. The six-class package must be completed within eights weeks of the first class. The 20-class package has a very generous 24 week booking window. In half a year, you’ll see superb results!

Why should I buy a 20 or 10-class package?

When you buy 10 classes, you secure your place in the class of your choice for that length of time. You’ve committed to your progress and should see good results if you can make it to every class. You also get ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics and measurements taken before class 1, and after class 10.

‘Before’ and ‘after’ pictures and measurements

If you buy 20 or 10 classes you will have pictures and measurements done before you start and when you finish. This isn’t mandatory, but it’s rewarding to watch your progress. Your photo will not be shared online without your permission.

How many classes can I do a week?

If you can commit to two classes a week, this will deliver faster results. If you do one class a week, this is also a good thing to do for yourself. But like any exercise program, it’ll take longer to see results. For example, you might choose to book 10 classes and do two classes a week for five weeks. You’ll notice a difference after the time is up. And your measurements and ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures will confirm it.


Introduction to Callanetics: Stretch and Tone Without Raising a Sweat

10am to 1pm, Saturday 7 October
Want to experience Callanetics but not sure if you’re ready to commit to classes? Set aside a Saturday morning for a fun and informative introductory workshop. There’s more time than in a trial class to cover what Callanetics is about, and for questions.

No, it’s not calisthenics! Callanetics is a no impact exercise method in which we isolate and then extend a muscle. We then use our body weight to ‘pulse’ into that muscle to tone it. Callanetics will sculpt your body, improve your alignment, and protect and strengthen your back. And you can lose up to a dress size in 10 sessions, even if you’re not dieting!

Callan Pinckney developed the program in the 1970s. The program has been updated with biomechanics concepts, restorative exercises, and new routines. This introductory workshop is suitable for all levels. I will tell you why Callan Pinckney developed this astounding exercise method. We’ll then do a gentle stretch routine for the back and torso, to prepare for the ab and class exercises. Then we’ll have a light morning tea of chai tea with almond milk or herbal tea, and grain free muffins.

An 1 1/4 hour beginner’s class follows, including some lovely yin based stretches to finish. I guarantee you’ll feel relaxed and energised afterwards! You also get a copy of the stretch routine to take home, plus an audio and video link for your practice.

Cost $45. Pay via the booking system above for immediate confirmation. Strictly limited to nine participants.
Virginia 0411 952 598